Spaghetti With Friends

My amazing dinner of spaghetti, garlic toast & green peas

It’s been about a week since I’ve cooked anything, so I was really excited tonight when my sister and one of her friends wanted to come over for dinner. I wasn’t sure what I had in my kitchen, since it had been awhile since I had been grocery shopping. But I knew I would have the ingredients for spaghetti because I love making Italian food.

For the sauce, I simmered some tomato sauce & paste, parsley, oregano, basil, garlic powder, onion powder, ground turkey, diced tomato and chopped mushrooms. I always try to replace white grains with wheat ones, so I used wheat noodles and made the toast with multi-grain bread. The wheat is more heart-healthy, plus I think it is more flavorful.

I tried a few things different than usual this time. I used a different type of tomato in the sauce and I cooked the mushrooms with the meat. The sauce turned out sweeter than usual (it usually tastes more like tomato than anything else), but still so delicious! I think this was the best I’ve ever made it.

The meat/mushroom mixture

For dessert, we had some delicious acai blueberry fruit bars. I usually eat the strawberry ones, but I felt like trying something new. I’m so glad I did– I think I have a new favorite flavor. Of course, now I want to try them all.

The blueberry fruit bars

It was nice to finally sit down and eat an actual, cooked meal with people (as in not alone). I have to say I definitely look forward to doing this again, though it probably won’t be for at least a couple more days. I have tons of leftovers to work through!


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