The Feast

My roommate and I love to read Rachel Wilkerson’s blog, which is where we got the idea for tonight’s dinner. A couple weeks ago, Rachel mentioned in a post what she calls “The Feast.” It doesn’t really look like much, but she guaranteed it to be a filling meal. It looked so light and refreshing, so my roommate and I really wanted to try it.

"The Feast"

My version of "The Feast"

Totally worth it!

Now for the ingredients: We made a huge meal of just a few simple-yet-filling foods. We split a banana, and each got three strawberries, three slices of tomato topped with mozzarella and basil (also an idea from Rachel), some cubes of colby-jack cheese, a stick of peanut butter-topped celery, a handful of grapes, some Wheat Thins Garden Valley Veggie, and some Tostitos Creamy Spinach Dip.

Thanks to Rachel for this amazing idea! I’m definitely thinking this is going to be my go-to meal while the summer continues to beat me up.


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