A Week As A Vegetarian?

A few months ago (I think it was in April, but I’m not totally sure) I decided to stop eating red meat and pork. I stopped eating red meat because I’ve read it can prevent Alzheimer and heart diseases (and possibly some other diseases too); the pork just always made me feel gross and bloated anyway, so I figured I could simply do away with it as well. My decision was purely based on the fact that I just wanted to feel better and get healthier while I’m still young and more flexible to those sorts of changes.

I feel so much better since I made that change. The gross, bloated feeling I used to get after eating pork: gone. And what about the nasty, greasy mess of burgers? Not a problem.

But I think the best reward I’ve gotten from my switch to no red meat is the change it’s made in the people I love. First of all, my roommate has lost so much weight; I can tell she feels better too. I’ve noticed that she has much more energy than when we first started living together over a year ago. She pretty much eats the same things I do, so she quit eating red meat for the most part when I did. The only time she veers from our red-meatless diet is when she eats out and is just craving a burger or steak, which is very rare (from what I’ve noticed).

I’ve also noticed that my family eats much healthier, even if only when I’m visiting (I really don’t know what they cook when I’m not around, since I’m not there). My mom will go out of her way to buy turkey meat and organic milk when she knows I’ll be visiting. She even asks me to cook some of my favorite meals for her, which I gladly do. I love sharing my food styles with my family.

I will say, though, that I am not one to try to push my lifestyle changes on other people. I love that my loved ones go along with it, but I won’t try to convince them to change too. In fact, I would even cook red meat for my roomie if she asked–thankfully she hasn’t.

Fruits and veggies are yummy!

And now to the point: I’m thinking about trying vegetarianism. It will most likely only be a week-long trial, but we’ll see how it goes. I was already interested in it, but I just read 7 Things that Suck About Being Vegetarian and 75 Ways Going Vegetarian Has Made My Life Better by Matt Frazier. Matt peaked my interest in vegetarianism, so my week as a vegetarian may come sooner than I thought.

I want to research it a little before I start so I can get it right, but I’m really pumped to try this. Who knows? It might turn into a long-term thing.

So a few questions: Would you be interested in reading about my week as a vegetarian? Have you tried a different diet that you want to share? Any vegetarians have advice for my week as a vegetarian?

Answer in the comments, and have a great weekend!


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