Is Greek Yogurt Any Good?

I’ve heard Rachel Wilkerson talk a lot about Greek yogurt. I try most of the food ideas she posts, so I had to try this. I saw some Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt one day when I was grocery shopping and decided it was time to give it a try.

Greek yogurt tastes better with lots of blueberries and granola.

 I was really excited because I’ve heard lots of good things about Greek yogurt.

I guess I don’t know how to eat Greek yogurt, because it honestly just tasted like sour cream to me. I ended up covering the taste with lots of blueberries and granola.

Maybe I just didn’t like it because it was plain yogurt. I saw a few other flavors–like honey, which sounds yummy–in the yogurt section. I think I’ll try those next time.

Does anyone have any other good ideas for eating Greek yougurt? Or do you feel the same way I do about it?


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