I have the best roommate!

My roommate is seriously awesome. Seriously.

Mondays are always really busy for me, so I asked her if she would cook tonight. We planned to have breakfast for dinner. All she told me was that she was making french toast. So that’s all I was expecting. But, because she is so amazing, she went all out.

She made french toast (the best she’s ever made, by the way), eggs, and seasoned potatoes. I picked up some fruit on my way home so we could have a little something refreshing. Plus, that’s what I generally rely on for my breakfast every morning.

My roommie makes the best brinner!

It was all so good! If you’ve never tried french toast, blueberries, and syrup together in one bite, you are definitely missing out. It’s one of the best combinations I’ve ever tasted. I’m seriously salivating just thinking about it.

She said she made all the extra stuff simply because she was bored, but I think there was more to it–she totally loves me. So go send her some love too. Read her blog and comment, like, or retweet it (or whatever you like to do).

So what about you? Have you had an especially yummy brinner lately? Or has anyone cooked something else delicious for you?


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