Mexi-burgers are fantastico!

My ex actually came up with the idea for this type of burger. This summer we spent the day at the beach and decided we would cook some dinner at his parents’ beach house before heading back home. He wanted tacos without the messiness of taco. Thus, we created a taco burger. But his rendition was slightly different from what I make now. His is like a regular burger with taco seasoning. Mine is more like a taco on a bun.

The burger was amazing. The chips--not so much.

I simply mix a taco seasoning packet into some ground tukey meat then cook it like a regular burger. Instead of adding ketchup, mustard, and/or mayonaise, I load it with salsa and guacamole (my favorite is Wholly Guacamole Classic). Since the salsa already has tomato and onion in it, I don’t even bother putting those on my burger–a little lettuce is good enough for me.

I’m sure your wondering why it’s called a “Mexi-burger,” especially since I called it a taco burger earlier in the post. Well, my sister is a very creative person. That’s why. I told her about my taco burgers and about the new ideas I had for it, and she told me I should call it a “Mexi-burger.” Then she told me I needed to make some for her. Well, she said I should make it so I could post it on the blog. I knew what she really meant.

So what do you think? Have you ever tried anything like this before? If so, how did it turn out?

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