It’s like s’mores, only better.

I finally cooked again tonight. It was so wonderful, and I totally needed it.

My sister told me today that she has been craving some good, healthy food. Unfortunately, our school doesn’t really know what healthy is. So I told her I had plans to cook and she could come over.

I decided to make turkey brats with broccoli and toast. It was a simple but nice change from school food and eating out.

We were so hungry that I doubt it would have mattered how the food tasted. Needless to say, we inhaled dinner.

The best part of tonight was dessert–s’mores brownies! My roommate and I saw the recipe on Rachel Wilkerson’s blog a few nights ago, and we just couldn’t resist.

It took quite a bit of time, but my roommate finally baked the brownies.

The marshmallows burn too easily.

We were patiently waiting for the marshmallows to toast when we smelled something burning. It was the s’mores brownies! Our kitchen was filled with smoke. It wasn’t even that bad–just a little charred.

We peeled off the charred part.

Luckily the burned part peeled right off. And once the smoke cleared, it smelled wonderful.

The s'mores brownies were delicious!

It was so delicious and totally worth the wait (did I mention these took forever to make?).

I definitely recommend trying this.


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1 Response to It’s like s’mores, only better.

  1. Ahhh yours burned too!?! Damnit, it’s cursed!

    Luckily you were still able to enjoy them! Glad you liked!!

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