My roommate hates mushrooms

It’s been awhile since I’ve cooked my homemade spaghetti, so I figured tonight would be a good night for it.

Every time I make spaghetti, I change it up a little. I’m trying to perfect it. And I think it gets better each time.

Last time, I sauteed garlic, onion and mushroom. I did that again this time. I also decided to add sliced olives. I tried to rinse the saltiness out of them, but I’m convinced that is an impossible task. I also added lots of extra mushrooms (but don’t tell my roommate–she hates them).

It was all so delicious!

We each had a yummy salad as well. We went grocery shopping earlier this week, so we have lots of fresh veggies in our fridge. The cherry tomatoes tasted especially amazing.

We also had garlic toast. I normally put butter and garlic salt on the toast before putting it in the oven (a trick I learned from my granny). I’m not a huge fan of salt, so this time I tried garlic powder instead. I prefer the garlic powder; it was really good!

I’m thinking next time I’ll add a pinch of sugar to cut down on the acidity. That was the only thing I didn’t like about it this time.

When I asked my roommate if she had any suggestions for the next time I make spaghetti, she only asked for less mushrooms. I’ll change her mind eventually.


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