Pumpkin chili is perfect for Halloween.

I was almost positive that today would be super lame; I had plans to spend the day alone watching Halloween movies and reading Stephen King. Exciting, I know.

Thankfully, my sister rescued me from my boredom and gave me a reason to make things.

I had already planned on making pumpkin chili, but I really didn’t want to eat such an amazing dish alone. She didn’t get to try the chili last time I made it, so I was really excited to make it for her.

Since the chili takes two hours to simmer and we were both starving, I knew I would have to make something for us to snack on. I saw a cute snack in a Halloween recipe book last week, and I’ve been dying to make it since. So I whipped up some adorable vampire apple bites.

Vampire apple bites

These apple and peanut butter snacks were almost too cute to eat.

To make these, I chopped the apple into small slices and put peanut butter between two pieces. Then I cut almond slices in half to make the fangs.

I got sick of making these after about two or three, so I ended up chopping up the rest of the apple to dip in caramel. Yum!

Apples and caramel

Apples dipped in caramel always makes me smile.

The chili finally finished, and I quickly cooked some green beans and some garlic toast (all in the spirit of Halloween, of course).

Chili, green beans, and toast

My sister loved the pumpkin chili, and the toast and green beans were delicious too.

When I made the pumpkin chili, I changed the recipe just a little. I didn’t use an entire medium onion (because I didn’t have one), so I used a little less diced onion and added some onion powder. Instead of kidney beans, I used chili beans. Also, I added some garlic powder; I’m a huge fan of garlic, if you haven’t noticed.

Pumpkin chili

This pumpkin chili was fabulous!

If you’ve never tried pumpkin chili, you definitely should. My sister thought it would taste weird, but she was surprised when she liked it.

Later, we went to Target and picked up the makings for adorable witch hats. They’re really cute and taste good, but they’re really sweet. I’m hoping I can send some back to campus with my sister, just to get them out of my apartment. I’m sure she has plenty of friends who would be more than willing to eat these.

Witch hats

These yummy witch hats were made with mint chocolate-dipped Oreos, Kisses, and green icing.

Of course, it’s just not Halloween without candy corn. Luckily, I had some in my kitchen. I couldn’t eat more than a few pieces though. Between that and the chocolate witch hats, I’d had too much sweetness for the day.

Candy corn

Oh, sweet candy corn! How I love thee!

And now Ima go into a sugar coma.


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